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Every company, no matter what industry it serves, is now finding itself in the software business, meaning that more and more of the value of their products and services is now derived from IT Solutions and Software. This transformation applies to all industries – Financial, Healthcare, Entertainment, Retail, Information Services, etc. – as the rise of Social Media, Mobile Applications, Analytics and Cloud Computing changes the game for each of them.
JMK is leading the charge with this new kind of software by helping companies take their brand to the next level through innovative software that differentiates them from their competition.

Define Your Brand

Realize the full potential of the “Digital Edge” by investing in software to propel you past your competition. JMK creates software that includes Analytics, Mobile, Social Media, Data Visualization and Smart Solution Products to give your business advanced software offerings that will engage and delight your clients.

Take Advantage of Mobile

With Mobile Technology, your brand is now wherever your customer is. JMK develop mobile applications that are secure and stable while also taking advantage of the unique compact features of mobile devices – location awareness, multi-touch, photo and video recording, and voice recognition – to create innovative software that allows you to reach your customer in new and interesting ways.
Engage Your Customers
Studies show that gamification of activities is an extremely effective method of engagement. JMK can help your business embrace gamification to engage your client base. Adding entertaining gaming elements like points, badges, leaderboards, and quests to your software can encourage customer interaction with your brand by tapping into their basic human desires for achievement and competition. 
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