Branded Software
Brand-Defining Software
JMK support organizations get a “Digital Edge” over their competitors. We develop innovative applications for you that not only provide a great user experience but also tap into the large enterprise software you’ve already deployed to change the entire way your customers engage with your company.

It’s not about systems of record anymore, but rather, systems of engagement that are designed from the user experience inwards, not from transaction recording outward.

JMK can support you define and build your brand using the latest in Social, Mobile, Analytical and Cloud Technologies (‘SMAC’) that link to your enterprise systems to help you define and track entirely new ways for your customers to interact with you.
We can especially help organizations in the following industries to take advantage of these ‘SMAC’ technologies to drive new business:

Information Services – Use software to not just display data, but to interpret if for your customers

Retail and e-Commerce – Utilize Omni-channel software platforms to unify your brand

Financial Services – Employ advanced software security controls to offer comprehensive mobile banking for individuals and businesses

Media and Entertainment – Employ advanced film production software and digital rights management software in your business, and distribute media through mobile

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