What We Service
Commercial Software
With product as our heritage, and with a management team possessing over decade years in the IT solution and software business, you can trust we know what it takes to build configurable, scalable, multi-tenant software that is innovative and that serves a entire market, not just a single client. Our team members provide you with complete skillsets in product engineering, design, maintenance, migration, and quality assurance so your products receive the meticulous focus and expertise needed to succeed for your business.
The Right Fit
We can act as an extension of your team or take over the project entirely for you – however you want it, we have an engagement model that will be the right fit.
A Passion for Innovation
We make it our passion to innovate through technology and software in order to differentiate you from others and to drive revenue through new and continued business. Our JMK Innovation Centre is constantly exploring new technologies to best understand how we can apply them to your existing or fresh IT solution, software and business needs.
A Disciplined Execution
With our BRICK process methodology – a combination of Agile and Waterfall – you get the best of both worlds – early, rapid, and measurable results that assure progress as well as a structured discipline that ensures your large IT systems are well-architected.
The Latest Skills
We know that the world of technology is ever-changing, so we are continually researching and learning through our JMK Research and Development Lab in order to stay tune of the technology curve. Regular training workshops at our development centre also ensure that we keep our employees up-to-date on the latest technologies and bring that expertise to your solutions and projects.
Maintenance and Migration
New Product
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