JMK Careers
At JMK, every employee is a part of our family!
Our goal is to make JMK the kind of place where our employees enjoy coming to work each day.
JMK is a Growing Company, having experienced triple-digit growth in each of the past financial years. We have a friendly, informal and open work environment for our employees, as we treat them like the valuable team members they are.We know that finding the right people is the key to our rising and continued success. You may be just the person we need to help us keep growing!

Who We Are & Why We’re Different:

Software and Trust – Both for our customers and our employees, JMK is all about building great software with people you can trust. We strive to be the most ethical provider of software solutions and to maintain an atmosphere of trust and integrity in all levels of our organization.
Cutting-Edge Technologies – At JMK, nearly all of our projects involve the latest technologies because our clients seek innovative software that will drive new business and revenue for them, meaning you get to work with the most exciting trends and tools in today’s world of technology.
Employee Development – We invest in our employees because we know that is the key to our shared success. We offer lots of opportunities for training and development so you can advance your skillsets and your career.
Work/Life Balance – It’s important to us that you have enough time to take care of all you need to at home. We know you work your best when your personal life is thriving, so we do our best to offer you a flexibility that helps you meet all your needs.
Customer Focus – We work with many well-known clients to develop new and cutting edge IT Solutions for their most challenging business technology requirements.
Employee Appreciation – We recognize our employees for their outstanding contributions to JMK’s success through special annual awards to highlight their achievement.
Friendly Workplace – We constantly strive to make JMK a place where you will enjoy coming to work. We host activities like company sports teams and family day events to encourage social interaction and team-building between our employees, and we greatly value our atmosphere of high-integrity and trust that is present throughout our whole organization.
Strong Communication – Strong ties and communication between our US, UK and India teams is the key to our successful delivery on every project.
Employee Empowerment – JMK empowers employees with the ability to move to different roles and locations in our company in order to advance your career and round-out your skills and experience.
Performance-Based Compensation – We reward our employees with bonuses for their hard work meeting our customers’ project deadlines through our incentive compensation program.
Approachable Management Team – Our management team remains very involved with our employees, and they welcome employee insights.
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