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Enterprise Software
JMK assists organizations in moving beyond simply deploying corporate-wide IT Solutions or software such as SAP and Oracle, as companies are recognizing that they must now create their own innovative software to increase internal efficiency and propel themselves further.
We help take a new look at an organization’s existing software to see how they can take advantage of the latest in mobile, RFID, mathematical modelling, and analytical concepts to improve their efficiency, throughput and revenue. From manufacturing firms, looking to integrate their bill of materials cost roll-up software across the globe, to insurance companies, who must improve customer service for claims processing with software; enterprises from a variety of industries are finding great value in JMK’s custom enterprise software development.
It’s especially important these days that any new software built for a organization’s use by designed like a software product to make sure that it can work in multiple subsidiaries around the globe and that it can scale to manage all the volume and technological changes that are bound to come.
JMK can build you:
  • Smarter IT Solutions and Software
  • Mobile Applications
  • BI Applications for Analysis
  • GPS based Applications IT departments from all different industries have called on JMK to build the IT Solution and software that will be effectively increase their productivity and setting them apart from their competitors.
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Gamified Software for Employee Productivity
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