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Gamified Software for Customer Loyalty
We can facilitate have interaction your customers and increase their interaction along with your merchandise and services by gamifying your software package to harness your customers’ natural human wishes to explore and master new things. Through the applying of psychological feature theory and diversion components like points, badges, leader boards, competitions, and quests, JMK styles software package that entertains your user whereas serving your business objectives.

We partner with leading gamification specialists to style and build clever, participating mobile and web-based applications that drive client loyalty and sales. Our software package will track and reward.
all interactions between your customers and your brand—visiting your web site, viewing merchandise, linguistic communication up for associate degree email list, writing a review, posting to social media, and plenty of others. distribution points and gamified activities with these actions encourages your customers to finish them, because it appeals to their innate human wishes for action and competition, leading to inflated exposure along with your whole.
But it goes a lot of on the far side simply points. JMK understands the importance of balance in game style – a game that’s too straightforward can bore your users, however one that’s too onerous can frustrate them. A game too complicated can confuse users, whereas one too easy can disappoint them.
We style exploitation the three M’s as our guiding principles- Motivation, Momentum, and that means. With these because the focus, we have a tendency to make sure that our gamified applications can reach accomplishing your business objectives.
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