How We Drive Business
Innovate with Data
Market data comes in so many forms these days and with such volume that it can be difficult to collect and anal yse. Gone are the days when you just looked at your existing IT databases and sorted and filtered to get real insights about your customers. Finding out what your customers need today requires you to look at all kinds of data: demographic, transactional, and social media data as well as software usage patterns, competitor pricing, and sometimes even things like weather, traffic and mapping data.

Fortunately, there are modern technologies, collectively referred to as ‘Big Data Analytics’ that JMK can deploy to your advantage. We can help you make sense of the diversity of data and get a new understanding of your business that will help you set your future direction.
By helping you instrument your existing mobile apps to capture usage patterns and merging it with your transactional systems and mapping databases, as well as social media data, we help you see how, when, and where your customers are doing business with you so you can extract maximum insight for your business.
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