Mobile Application
JMK builds mobile applications to be innovative, secure, stable, and scalable so they are effective and reliable in your organization. With our deep understanding of the unique capabilities of mobile devices – location and motion awareness, multi-touch, and multi-media capabilities – with our in-depth awareness of the back-end servers, software, and databases that these devices are connected to for their data so you get powerful, elite mobile applications.

Employees became acquainted with the advanced options of today’s smartphones for his or her personal use and currently demand a similar flexibility, innovation, and ease-of-use within the software package they use at work.
JMK can extend your enterprise software to provide advanced, innovative mobile apps that will increase your employees’ productivity and let them work anywhere. For employees who travel to customer sites, this mobilized work access can additionally provide a real strategic advantage to your business.
We provide a dedicated team of experts who work on your mobile application project at a fixed cost. Our agile development methodology allows us to respond quickly to changes in scope and priority during the project while also keeping our progress transparent. We bring the tools, processes, and controls developed from our years of commercial grade software development into the mobile app space so you get professional-grade development for your critical mobile software needs.
We have expertise for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.
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