Branded Software
Mobile Applications for Your Clients
JMK can equip you with the mobile applications you required to attract and retain clients. Mobile software that ties in with your products and services has become a major way to differentiate you from others. Having innovative features and a compelling design actually gets you an edge in today’s fast-paced, mobile world. That’s because no one has time today to tolerate anything less than the convenience that good software brings.

Whether it’s the insurance company that lets customers snap pictures of accidents and file claims from their phone, or the bank that lets customers use their iPads to deposit cheques and transfer money to friends, JMK can help design and build applications that differentiate you from others and drive new highs.
We know that building powerful mobile applications requires not only a deep understanding of the unique capabilities of these devices: location and motion awareness, multi-touch, and multi-media capabilities, but also an in-depth awareness of the back-end servers, software, and databases that these devices are connected to for their data. JMK builds mobile applications to be innovative, secure, stable, and scalable so they are effective and reliable in your organization.
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