How We Drive Business
Mobile - Clients & Employees
JMK permits your customers and workers to inquire, engage, and interact along with your enterprise systems whereas on the glide by leverage the facility of contemporary mobile technology.

Today’s mobile devices feature advanced motion detection, location awareness, icon and video, microphone, speaker, and touch screen capabilities that we tend to harness to form mobile apps that square measure clever, intuitive, and quick. It’s not on the subject of adding a mobile front-end to your existing systems; it’s regarding making entirely new ways in which to move and to leverage information mass from several sources.
We’ve designed dozens of mobile apps for a range of corporations within the aid, legal, insurance, welcome, and commercial enterprise areas, moreover as mobile apps for sales and client service departments to maximize their productivity.
Our mobile efforts embrace apps that: facilitate businesses scope out potential new locations for franchises by utilizing GPS, mapping and demographic information.
Engage customers with in-store touch screen technology that allows informational transfer and cross-selling throughout waiting time.

Allow users to browse, search and set down terribly giant reference manuals whereas mobile, victimization advanced digital storage and retrieval technology.

Track and monitor door-to-door progress of field workers with period of time coverage of location-based activity.

Optimize client service productivity through easy style to extend decision volume capability and potency.

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