What We Service
Commercial Software
New Development
We know what it takes to build IT Solutions and software.
Our experience has enabled us to expand our tools, processes, and controls to ensure we build IT solutions and products with the extraordinary functionality to generate revenue and growth. Leverage our expertise to help you conceptualize, prototype, architect, design, build and test your new products, or to take over the release cycle of an existing product and extend it with new features.

We work with all the latest social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to create innovative software products that will help you beat the competition in both time to market and class-leading feature sets. JMK becomes a skilful extension of your team, allowing you to focus on what you do best while you put the JMK team to work in your areas of need.
It is our passion to architect innovative software and IT solutions that will last 8-10 years for your business because it is:

Scalable – to handle both small and large organizations
Configurable – to handle different customer operating scenarios
Compelling – to attract your buyer’s eye and differentiate you from your competition

Multi-Country – to handle different currencies and date formats
Multi-Lingual – to present the UI in different languages
Multi-Platform – to run on Unix, Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry

Multi-Tenant –to support multiple customers on a single instance of your software
Trust JMK to deliver revenue-driving IT solutions and software while keeping development costs low and product quality high.
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