Why Choose JMK

IT Solutions are our passion.  Weather we’ve been providing IT solutions as a company since few years, but we’ve experienced many big changes in technology, and we’re always preparing for the next ones. Our Innovation Hub is dedicated to exploring the next big things in software and technology so we can ensure your JMK team utilizes the latest expertise on your critical IT projects.  

We bill at a fixed monthly rate.  No overtime, surprise fees or travel charges will ever come your way. JMK provides you with a predictable monthly bill based on the team you require so you spend less time wondering what the next bill will be and more time collaborating with us in meaningful ways. 

Project management is key.  we have a tendency to use our proprietary BRICK development methodology alongside a evidenced system of management tools and metrics to make sure your comes square measure correct and on schedule. Our multi-level onshore and offshore project groups guarantee your project gets the eye and experience it needed.

Employees stay with us for a long time.  Unlike other companies whose offshore employees often leave quickly, JMK has track record of very low annual employee turnover rate of only 1%. We recruit carefully, make an active investment in our employees’ ongoing training and career growth, and we financially incentivise them to meet our clients’ project deadlines

Every customer matters.  We’ve earned the trust and respect of our clientele by building trustworthy IT solutions and products and by getting those products to market quickly to drive revenue and win over the competition. We work hard to build trusting partnerships that last, and our clients are our best salespeople. We are 100% reference-able, and would be happy to put you in touch with any of our customers to have them share their experience.

Our mission is based on ETHICS and TRUST.  We believe both are central to operating an effective and meaningful business. Our company was founded with a passion for Information Technology Solutions, software and their Trust. That trust and faith guides their personal and professional lives, and emanates throughout our company culture as we strive to deliver predictability, ownership, receptiveness, and integrity in serving every client.
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