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We perceive simply what proportion you place into your IT Solutions and software system to pack them jam-packed with options and innovations. With the assistance of JMK, you'll be able to execute a productive product launch by properly testing of these options therefore your unharnessed may be a seamless one, pleasing your purchasers and strengthening your name.

With expertise of building industrial software system for ourselves and our customers, we’ve gained deep information of a way to guarantee quality. It starts right up front, exploitation necessities checklists and style reviews to create certain we have a tendency to be building the proper factor before we begin. Once the code is written and walked-through, there square measure varied techniques and tools we have a tendency to use to verify quality within the delivered software:
Unit Testing – stylish software techniques demand that developers deliver an expensive set of unit check cases at turnover time that will be run through with tools like Unit and Unit.
Test Case Development – Our specialists can flip a set of user requirements associated software designs into associate exhaustive set of check cases with expected results that will be dead manually or exploitation an automatic testing tool.
Testing—Manual and Automated – we have got specialists administrative unit can conduct manual tests, where the tester uses the software directly and probes for problems, more as automatic tests, where the analyst builds scripts that simulate use of the software with tools like Mercury and Rational. These automatic tests is also run daily, as a neighborhood of associate automatic build cycle, to catch errors early among the event cycle.
Performance Testing – making certain your software offers quick responses beneath all load eventualities (CPU, database, network, etc.) is also a key to having your product serve your entire market. we tend to square measure able to place your software through its paces exploitation market-leading performance testing software like Load Runner (licensed separately).

Regression Testing – whereas your domain specialists unit of measurement testing the foremost recent releases’ new choices, our testers can endure your ever-growing list of existing choices to make sure they still work properly. we tend to square measure able to try this either manually or using a set of automatic check cases already designed.

We know that your software is name, so trust JMK to help you strengthen it with our tried-and-true quality assurance expertise.

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