JMK Techincal services Inc. is one of the best software resellers in the market taking care of the customers in UK,USA and Canada we provide the best available rates in the market and also provide free installation for the first time,so that our customer are happy and satisfy by Joining JMK Family.
After pruchasing a software is the software is not working or not up to the mark or its creating issues with the computer while performing task ,a customer can apply for refund within first 30 days of purchase. JMK Technical services Inc. will provide the full refund in short time .

We don't store credit card information for any customer and we would not do any charging without your explicit consent. You may be able to change from one software to another (e.g. from Mcafee Internet Security  to Norton Internet Security) with in the first 30 days if he/she is not satisfy with the product software Installed if cross the time period of 30 days JMK Technical Services Inc. will not be liable to pay any refund .


"We are here to help the customer and that's our responsibility to make sure that our customers are happy and can stick with the company for a longer period of time".


Key Features
Prevent hackers from accessing your PC
Protects your privacy and prevents your passwords and identity from being stolen when you surf the Web.
Powerful threat-removal layer targets and eliminates even the hardest to remove infections.
Won’t slow you down or get in your way.
Block spam and dangerous email