Why Choose JMK
  • “Our mission is not to be the largest, but to be the most Ethical solution provider of IT Solutions.”

- Tarun Ratta, Executive Director

  • We build Technology Solutions, and Trust.  At JMK, we are constantly working to earn your trust through our Transparent and Honest Communication and Reliable Follow-Through. We don’t ask you to put blind faith in us – instead, we Prove it to you through our hard and efficient work every day.

  • We think as we work.  Our customers appreciate us that we act as a Knowledgeable Partner, who examines their unique situation and needs, offers project ideas, and raises any concerns about their approach before moving to next step.
We fix our mistakes.  If problems occur, you can trust that we will quickly identify the problem, communicate it to you, and create a plan of action, at our own cost if necessary, that will get us back on track to meet our commitments to you. 
  • Every project matters to us.  We’re not a huge organization, your concerns get the attention of our CTO’s quickly and easily. Every task is important to us, and we work efficiently to satisfy our every client, resulting in our 100% referenceability.    

  • Our faith is our guide.  JMK cares about upholding a tradition of Integrity and Ethics in our business. We believe that we have a responsibility to diligently serve our customers and employees as a matter of basic human respect and dignity. This is how we realize our company mission “to be the most ethical provider of Information Technology Solutions.” 
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